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Our geography

We are defined by the shared space of the North Sea.

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Map of Northern Europe showing the boundaries of the North Sea Region.

The North Sea Region

The North Sea Region 2021-2027 includes territories in seven countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 

They all share the North Sea as a common asset. In addition, they share many cultural and geographic characteristics.

NUTS regions

NUTS - Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics - is a system for dividing up the EU territory. Not just for statistical purposes, but also for the framing of EU regional policies. The North Sea Region 2021-2027 is thus defined by eligible NUTS regions. 

See the list of NUTS 2 regions in the North Sea Region

You can find a more detailed list of NUTS regions in the full-text programme

Take a tour around the North Sea Region

Yellow platform rising above a dark blue ocean.

Offshore test facilities are crucial for SMEs to bring their innovations to the market. Photo: Inn2POWER

Wind-assisted ship equipped with two tall rotor cylinders.