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Demonstration of lighting appliances

Engaging the Lauwersoog Community in Our Light Modification Plans

Demonstration of lighting appliances
2 minutes

Including the local community in our project is central to our efforts at the DARKER SKY demonstrator site in Lauwersoog, the Netherlands. Promoting awareness of light pollution and gaining acceptance for light reduction measures are key to the success of DARKER SKY.

Presentation at meeting in Lauwersoog

Photo: Nynke Visser

The harbour of Lauwersoog is one of our demonstrator sites where we will implement light reduction solutions. Our partners from the University of Groningen, together with Klaas Laansma and Piet Zijlstra from the Lauwersoog harbour, have developed the ‘Masterplan Darkness.’ This masterplan addresses light pollution in the harbour using a unique bottom-up approach. It involves harbour management, local entrepreneurs, scientists and the residents of Lauwersoog, among other stakeholders.

Working together for success

Klaas and Piet have put great effort into this ‘bottom-up approach’. They have made sure that every stakeholder is involved and engaged in the masterplan. They have talked to everyone from harbour management and local businesses to ship and ferry operators and the residents of Lauwersoog. We believe that light reduction solutions will only succeed if everyone affected by the changes understands and accepts them.

Community Meeting Highlights

Demonstration of lighting appliances

Piet Zijlstra demonstrates different types of lighting appliances, photo: Nynke Visser

In line with this objective, we organized a meeting to present and discuss the light modification plans with the citizens of Lauwersoog on 24.05.24. Klaas Laansma welcomed the participants and introduced the meeting. Reynier Peletier from the University of Groningen explained the DARKER SKY project. Piet Zijlstra talked about different kinds of lighting, how they work and their benefits and disadvantages in terms of light pollution and environmental impact. Piet also brought different types of lighting appliances to demonstrate these differences to the participants.

Positive Community Response

The response from Lauwersoog residents was very positive! They expressed their concern about the effects of light pollution in their village and harbour and are eager to be part of the DARKER SKY project. The residents are looking forward to the light modifications and want them to happen as soon as possible!

Next Steps: Nightly Walks

Soon, we will organize a follow-up meeting where Piet will take the residents on nightly walks to show them the concerned lighting that needs to be changed.

We are very happy about the positive responses to our project. Acceptance and support from the community are very important to us. We look forward to working with the residents to reduce light pollution and protect biodiversity!

Photos: Nynke Visser