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The 3ST project brings together almost all seven countries of the North Sea Region to strengthen collaboration and disseminate skills and successful approaches needed for a sustainable transition in the tourism sector.

Copyright Daniel Villadsen
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3ST will work on collabrations and skills needed for a more sustainable tourism sector

Impact of tourism on North Sea Region

With tourism being one of the fastest-growing sectors, the transition to sustainable systems is urgently needed.

But what do we need to achieve this goal? A more sustainable way of thinking.

In the 3ST project, three knowledge partners join forces to research and monitor collaborations. The focus on sharing knowledge regarding destination development, stakeholder motivation and models for value creating (Theory of Change). The models will be tested and evaluated in nine regional pilot projects on waste, energy and water reduction. The pilot projects will involve key actors in the tourism sector such as local authorities, SME entrepreneurs and relevant stakeholders.

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