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LIHYP - Linking Hydrogen Power Potentials

About us

Uniting Stakeholders to build a regional hydrogen economy in the North Sea Region!

LIHYP - Linking Hydrogen Power Potentials
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LIHYP in a Nutshell

LIHYP brings hydrogen demand-supply and stakeholders together and raises potential for future aligned collaboration. The project initiates opportunities to accelerate market introduction of hydrogen applications, leading to regional hydrogen value chains connected in the North Sea Region. The project will realise different pilots for the use of hydrogen such as hydrogen cargo bikes, hydrogen driven freight train, hydrogen bus station and living labs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany. A North Sea Region hydrogen platform marketplace will be held up for linking relevant stakeholders and a solid database for demand, production and supply of hydrogen will be created. Different Roadmaps for business modelling will help entrepreneurs, investors and public authorities to plan hydrogen in the North Sea Region. Together all partners will take first steps for cross-border system integration for hydrogen infrastructures, harmonization and standardization.

LIHYP will realise

  1. A North Sea Region H2 platform-marketplace linking H2 relevant stakeholders.
  2. Data mining for demand, production and supply of H2 from now till 2030.
  3. Steps towards managing shortages and surpluses of H2 production.
  4. Steps to system integration for H2 infrastructures, harmonisation and standardization.
  5. Promote incentivs for H2, contribute to level playing field with fossil fuels.
  6. Commit LIHYP partners and her associates (about 2000 SMES) to Fit-for-55 targets by drawing up and communicate local-regional-NSR(H2) roadmaps/strategy plans till 2030, based on predictive data analysis.
  7. Entrepreneurs, investors and public authorities using roadmaps for business modelling to plan NSR investments and capacities.
  8. H2 demonstrators to learn from, showcase and promote H2 applications.

LIHYP Partnership

The project consortium consists of companies and institutions from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

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