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Meet our Partners: Kiwa

2 minutes

Today we would like to introduce you to our Dutch partner Kiwa, which contributes to the project primarily in the areas of law and regulation.

About Kiwa

Through years of experience and innovative power, Kiwa Technology gives substance to an extensive portfolio of sustainable energy solutions. Innovative and future-proof solutions make Kiwa an indispensable knowledge partner in the energy transition. At Kiwa we contribute to sustainability and the energy transition every day. It is extremely important to seek cooperation with other parties, nationally and internationally. We are proud to be a partner in this project and to be one step further in this way.

Our role in the project

One of Kiwa's goals is to help accelerate the energy transition. To achieve this, Kiwa experts are involved in various initiatives that contribute to achieving the Fit for 55 goals. 


Kiwa's role is to take inventory of the knowledge and expertise present around various projects, pilots and the laws and regulations. This knowledge will be contributed and used in LIHYP's WP3. The aim is to identify European, National and Regional differences in terms of laws and regulations, policy targets, initiatives and roadmaps. The legislative impact can be used for the further development of the roadmap within LIHYP.

Our vision for the hydrogen economy of the future

Technological developments are accelerating to enable the energy transition, with hydrogen being a vital carrier. Technologies and materials behind these developments must meet many requirements in order to be successfully implemented. Thorough analyses and tests in terms of quality and feasibility, but also the safety and risks of these developments is therefore indispensable.

Kiwa is pioneering new possibilities for energy generation, storage, distribution and use. Not only when it comes to new solutions, but also in relation to existing applications. For example, research is being conducted into how surplus energy can be converted into hydrogen and how it can be transported via the existing gas pipeline network. To support this research, Kiwa can dispose of a high-quality laboratory.

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