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Cyclists at bike traffic light with bike parking displayed on nearby screen


Cyclists at bike traffic light with bike parking displayed on nearby screen
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Welcome to MegaBITS

Mobilizing Europe's Green Ambitions through Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems (MegaBITS) is an Interreg North Sea Region project implementing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technologies for cycling in five flagships within the region.

The project runs from 2023 to 2026 and is set to transform the way we think about cycling. It will embed cycling ITS in mobility governance on a local, regional, and EU level to improve the safety, comfort, and convenience of cyclists. Put simply, MegaBITS will bring digitalization of the cycling sector to the next level for a happy cycling experience!

The goal of MegaBITS is clear: to achieve a 10% increase in cycling kms within target groups and an 8.8% decrease in CO2 emissions. To achieve this, MegaBITS will focus on five flagship pilot projects across seven cities/regions. Each flagship has its own theme and will address the digitialisation of cycling in a unique way.

MegaBITS will also further develop the ecosystem for connected cycling technologies and streamline the procurement process for these technologies via two initiatives: the CyclingDataHub (CDH) and the BITS Directory (BID) initiatives.

The project has a budget of nearly €5 million, and receives 60% funding through the Interreg North Sea programme.

project logo with text saying MegaBITS: Mobilizing Europe's Green Ambition in Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems

The MegaBITS project is led by the Province of Overijssel. The partners of the project are the Province of Antwerp, Chalmers University, the City of Copenhagen, Cycling Industries Europe, the City of Enschede, imec, the City of Hamburg, the City of Zwolle and Le Havre Seine Métropole


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Partners of the MegaBITS project

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Bicycles and ITS Directory (BID)

The BID is the go-to resource for governments and businesses looking to procure cycle-specific ITS products and services, or to see what Best Practice in cycling ITS looks like. Click here to find out more!

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