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REMARCO participated on international UXO Remediation Workshop in Kiel, Germany

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From the 11th - 13th of June, 2024, our partners & UKSH co-hosted an international UXO remediation workshop in Kiel, Germany conceting research institutions, private companies and authorithies from both Baltic and North Sea regions. 

The first day focused on internal updates within REMARCO, where various topics concerning the current research status of the individual partners and future project events were discussed. 

On the following days, a joint workshop between the REMARCO and MUNIMAP projects took place. Both projects aim to reduce the threat of dangerous UXOs, with REMARCO addressing the North Sea and MUNIMAP specifically focusing on the Baltic Sea, allowing them to share valuable insights and strategies.

This collaborative workshop enabled both projects to benefit from each other's expertise, working together towards their common research goal of UXO remediation. 

The days in Kiel were highly productive, and REMARCO is motivated to continue pursuing its ambitious objectives.

Learn more about the project MUNIMAP:

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