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Targeting the REduction of plAStic oUtflow into the noRth sEa

A large share of marine litter reaches the sea via inland waterways, posing a serious threat to the environment and human health. Recognising the urgency of this challenge, TREASURE involves regional authorities, water management bodies, knowledge institutes, companies, and NGOs from 5 countries with the goal to reduce the outflow of macroplastic from inland waters into the North Sea.

The innovation lies in the integrated cross-sectoral approach, which is needed to successfully identify, prevent, and remove litter from waterways. TREASURE addresses four interrelated thematic pillarsGovernance & policy, Data collection & analysis, Prevention & behaviour change, and Removal of plastic waste.

The core of the project consists of Living Labs at different river-sea interfaces. Each region implements a combination of policy, data collection, awareness, and removal activities to develop robust, practice-based solutions to reduce riverine waste that can be used across the North Sea region.

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Let's TREASURE our North Sea!

Every year, at least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean, and plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments (OSPAR 2022IUCN 2021). Not only marine species suffer from this issue by ingesting or being entangled by plastic debris, which causes severe injuries and death. Plastic pollution also threatens food safety and quality, human health, coastal tourism, and further contributes to climate change. Furthermore, a significant share of marine litter reaches the sea via rivers and inland waterways. An integrated approach to identify, remove, and reduce this riverine waste can make an important contribution to the elimination of plastic soup. As the North Sea environment does not abide by socially constructed territorial borders and national or regional jurisdictions, transnational cooperation and coordinated exchange is urgently needed to develop effective and lasting solutions to prevent and reduce the outflow of plastic into the North Sea environment.

There still exist critical knowledge gaps, not only about the whereabouts of plastic in waterways and their flux into the North Sea, but there are also only fragmented governance structures on all levels. Based on tested local practical experiences in the partner regions, TREASURE will fill these existing gaps in the European plastic pollution governance by establishing transnational solutions to reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment.