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Recreational lake with children in the water and a boat arriving

Connected River

Smart & Safe Sharing of Waterways & Waterfronts

An EU-funded transnational innovation project which aims to tackle challenges related to shared waterways and waterfronts.

Recreational lake with children in the water and a boat arriving
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Welcome to Connected River!

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Waterways and waterfronts are vital for the economy, ecology, and quality of life in the North Sea region. However, their changing and increasing shared use causes a decrease in safety, accessibility, and liveability. Connected River addresses those issues by, mobilizing multi-stakeholder ecosystems, conducting user centric, agile innovation, and accelerating the uptake of digital/smart solutions.

Based on the lessons learned out of 4 work packages in 6 local pilot areas, the project delivers a playbook on the Flow Forward approach and a road map on how to integrate this into innovation strategies.

To move the Connected River project forward, a strong and experienced partnership has been established, comprising of host partners, that will be responsible for hosting and conducting the pilot projects, approach partners that provide expertise, methodologies and a strong knowledge network, and solution partners that will contribute business and subject knowledge to accelerate the project findings within the North Sea region.

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Project Focus:

  • Mobilizing multi-stakeholder ecosystems for user-centric, agile innovation

  • Conducting user-centric, agile innovation on challenges that shared waterways & waterfronts face (ww&wfs)

  • Accelerating the uptake of digital/smart solutions to improve services to stakeholders

  • Carried out in 6 pilot regions (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Kleine Nete, Lille, Nijmegen & Vordingborg)

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