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First User Meeting in Nijmegen

1 minute

For the past few years, the area around the Spiegelwaal in Nijmegen has become a real hotspot! Especially during the summer season, it's a place for recreation, socializing, and cooling off on hot days.

Last September, the official opening of the new watersports center, the Bastion, took place, and since then, 5 watersports clubs have been housed in this beautiful building, actively using the water on the Spiegelwaal.

With more and more recreational users on and around the water, the question arises: how can we ensure the shared use of the Spiegelwaal remains safe for everyone?

On Thursday the 14th of march the first user meeting took place at Veur-Lent, where (almost) all user groups were represented: swimmers, fishermen, rowers, windsurfers, sailors, stand-up paddle boarders, canoeists, and rescue teams.

Divided into different groups, they worked on two exercises to visually map out the dilemmas and possible solutions. Enthusiastic and constructive discussions arose about the use of the Spiegelwaal and the various interests at play. The solutions could lead to experiments in which the users themselves have input and can participate.

We look back on a successful user meeting!

Source: Municipality of Nijmegen