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Internal Workshop at the Municipality of Vordingborg

2 minutes

On April 25th the project manager of the pilot area in Vordingborg had invited colleagues from different internal departments of the municipality to join the first workshop within the Connected River Project.

The aim of the workshop was to inform about the project and to explain why the pilot areas Sydhavnen and Masnedø are part of the Connected River Project.

The project manager shared the first visions and future plans for transforming the areas to become much more attractive and liveable areas for both the citizens of Vordingborg, for tourists, investors and many more. Furthermore she also informed about the innovative involvement process, the Flow Forward Approach, which all the partners in the Connected River Project will be testing during the project period. The involvement of the primary stakeholders and inhabitants of the areas is obligatory and a goal in the project.

The output of participation in the Connected River Project will be an ambitious strategic development plan for Sydhavnen and Masnedø, where the results of the innovation process with workshops and physical experiments will contribute to the content of the plan.


The Workshop in action

The participants were placed in groups of 4 (a mix of people from different departments), with maps of the area and lists of primary stakeholders. The assignment was to discuss, draw and reflect on the experiment questions:

  • What are the primary challenges?
  • What are the potentials and possible solutions?
  • Visions for the future plans for Sydhavnen og Masnedø

After 45 minutes, the group shared reflections and interesting new ideas and visions – and also important practical information and “no go’s”.

The output of the Workshop:

  • Achievement of internal support
  • Illumination of possible challenges in terms of legislation, regulations and other plans current in the areas
  • Sharing of insights and professional knowledge in house regarding the areas
  • New ideas and reflections shared regarding the experiment questions

Further workshops with external stakeholders will follow in June 2024.

Source: Municipality of Vordingborg