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Stakeholder Initiative at the Pilot Area Sydhavnen in Vordingborg

2 minutes

The founding meeting of Vordingborg Harbor Bath.

The city of Vordingborg faces challenges in the planning and development of the two pilot areas, Sydhavnen and Masnedø Island.

The aim for Vordingborg Municipality as a host partner of Connected River is to obtain attractiveness and new interest in the pilot areas, which hopefully will result in new development, more water sport activities and new recreational use of the southern waterfronts of the city. In the coming stakeholder workshops it could be an interesting issue to discuss whether the Harbor Bath should be placed by Sydhavnen or by the little marina at Masnedø Island

On March 12th, the citizens of Vordingborg were invited to an information evening and presentation of the Vordingborg Harbor Bath Project and to officially announce the founding of the "Vordingborg Harbor Bath Association". The meeting was open to the public and around 40 people attended the event.

Local citizens, who loves to swim in the sea all year around, were the initiators and planners of this event. They have been working on the harbor bath project for some time now and have been sharing their ideas with the project manager of the Connected River Project. The harbor bath project is planned to become a spectacular architectural attraction and a safe place for swimming, playing and sunbathing in the summertime and with a sauna for wintertime and the popular winter bathing. A tower for jumping into the water will also be possible instead of bridge jumping from the nearby train bridge, which is both dangerous and illegal.

The harbor bath project will support the ideas and possible solutions planned to bring more liveability and attractiveness to the pilot areas. Activities on the water and facilities like setting up a Pop-Up Park that entertains and brings people together will be well combined with a safe harbor bath.

The project manager also attended the meeting to inform about the Connected River Project and to bring attention to the coming meetings and workshops for the active users and primary stakeholders.

Next steps:

Meetings and workshops for the active users and primary stakeholders in the pilot areas during spring 2024, where needs, ideas and solutions will be illuminated and discussed to inspire the further process. 

Source: Municipality of Vordingborg