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Stakeholder Visit at the Citadel College

1 minute

At this moment, it’s still a bit chilly and windy, but in a few months, the Spiegelwaal area could become a real tropical spot to seek some cooling.

It has also turned out to be an attractive place for a younger audience to seek adrenaline on hot days by jumping off the bridges above the Spiegelwaal. This can lead to dangerous situations.

For this reason, the project team of the Municipality of Nijmegen visited the Citadel College and talked with the students about the "Connected River" project. Together they discussed about one of the major challenges for the Spiegelwaal area: how can the shared use of the Spiegelwaal become safe for everyone?

The students were asked to brainstorm in groups about an alternative jumping spot at the Spiegelwaal, and some interesting ideas came up:

  • An inflatable cushion with a diving board
  • A raft with a trampoline
  • Building a glass bridge to make water sports enthusiasts more visible
  • Time slots for when young people are allowed to jump from the bridges

At the end, the group was asked to register by using a QR code so that they can brainstorm with the project team about an alternative jumping spot at a later date. It was an interesting afternoon with many good new ideas.

Source: Municipality of Nijmegen