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Foto vanaf waterkant van Lille Ports

Ports of Lille


    Foto vanaf waterkant van Lille Ports
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    Ports of Lille consists of 12 multi-modal inland ports and container Terminal along Deûle canal to create intermodal solutions for the economy and surroundings. Managed by Voies Navigables de France, Ports of Lille collaborates with various stakeholders to develop port activities sustainably. The arrival of the Seine-Scheldt Project in 2030 will unlock Deûle canal’s development potential for economic growth, living environment, logistics, mobility, biodiversity, and tourism.

    Key Challenge

    How can we connect stakeholders for innovative and sustainable solutions while ensuring safety, port activities' acceptability, and boosting Greater Lille's attractiveness.

    Possible Solutions

    • Tools to facilitate communication and the organization of uses.
    • Signs/alerts on the waterway to inform.
    • Define times for different uses.

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    Latest News

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