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VISTRA – Vechta Institute of Sustainability Transformation in Rural Areas 

The members of the Institute focus on the various dimensions and dynamics of transformation processes in rural areas in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner. We are interested in multi-scalar spatial challenges around the globe and observe process of change through the lens of sustainability. Geographers, economists, psychologists and other transition researchers at VISTRA understand transformations as processes, which are heavily influenced by the activities and impact of heterogenous actors and stakeholders involved in multiple helix arrangements. 

Within SIRR, VISTRA acts as the lead partner for the project’s knowledge generation. In partnership, we aim to analyse and compare the participating multiple helix hubs to identify possible supporting and hindering factors affecting the deepening process towards a consolidated multi-helix approach and questioning the efficiency of different pathways and structures towards it. 

We consider continuous feedback with the hubs as well as their constant accompaniment together with our partners in SIRR key elements of transdisciplinary and transformational science

Please visit VISTRA HERE

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TrENDi at the University of Vechta is the central contact point for "Entrepreneurship Education". We support the implementation of projects of different kinds - from start-ups to student initiatives and societal ideas and innovation.  All TrENDi activities are based on common passion and a broad concept of entrepreneurship as one of the life competencies.


For us, entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour is the ability to react to opportunities and ideas, and develop them to values.

This value can be finanicial, social, environmental or cultural. 

Please visit TrENDi  HERE


From left: Alistair Adam Hernández, Iris Rickhoff-Fischer and Karl Martin Born

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