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homePORT on track: Your Gateway to Maritime Innovation

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We want to look to the future with innovative new ideas: The end of 2023 marked a turning point for homePORT Hamburg.

With the closure of its physical location at the old Elbtunnel, homePORT is taking a bold step towards a more dynamic & user-centric direction. This new focus is based on the realisation that true innovation is not tied to fixed locations, but rather arises through creative thought processes, interdisciplinary collaboration and continuous research. Together with stakeholders it was identified that their needs for maritime innovation test-beds and innovation campuses varies too much to facilitate all those specific needs at one physical space. This realisation is also the result of a productive exchange with dozens of stakeholders, as part of the Connected River project, which took place in the last year throughout several stakeholder workshops.

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Pilot Area "HomePORT" Hamburg

homePORT will now expand its activities throughout the harbour area in order to respond flexibly to the needs of its users and partners, while at the same time maintaining what is tried and tested and making new plans. From a physical maritime innovation campus to a gateway for maritime innovation. Meet us Deep Tech Festival HOMECOMING HOMEPORT Vol. 3 on the 4th of July 2024 @ Sonnendeck Beach Club Hamburg.

Stronger user-centricity through stakeholder involvement

A central element of homePORT's strategic reorientation is the increased involvement of stakeholders in the entire innovation process. By working with a wide range of partners - from start-ups and research institutions to local companies, citizens and the administration - homePORT has been able to gain valuable insights into the specific needs and challenges of its users. This intensive interaction helps homePORT to align its services even more strongly with real needs and thus sharpen its user focus.

Strategic alignment in line with Hamburg’s port development plan 2040

The mobile reorientation and increased stakeholder involvement are part of a larger strategic vision that is closely coordinated with the business development of Port Process Solutions and the strategic planning based on the Port Development Plan 2040. Through this holistic approach, homePORT strives not only to support short-term innovation projects, but also to contribute to the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the Port of Hamburg. The combination of flexibility, user-centricity and strategic foresight forms the foundation for homePORT's mission to act as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the Port of Hamburg and thus make a decisive contribution to shaping the port's future: 'Your gateway to maritime innovation'.

Source: homePORT & HPA