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Luchtfoto van de (Spiegel)Waal in Nijmegen

Spiegelwaal Nijmegen


Luchtfoto van de (Spiegel)Waal in Nijmegen
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The Spiegelwaal in Nijmegen was created to achieve safe water levels to prevent flooding in combination with meeting water quality standards. It has since then become a bustling hub for water recreation. With a new water sports centre, nearby residential construction, and the addition of a festival site, crowds are only growing. On top of that, climate change is causing increasingly warmer summers and residents of Nijmegen are seeking cooling at the Spiegelwaal. 

Key Challenge

How can we facilitate shared use of the (Spiegel)Waal by different users, so that we can all enjoy the river and river park and ensure safety, accessibility, and biodiversity?

Possible Solutions

  • Tools to get real time information about the actual conditions of the waterway and the area.
  • Seperation of swimmers/boats with a swimming route for long course swimmers.
  • User-oriented services from collaborating governmental authorities.
  • Signs/alerts to give visibility to the actual conditions of the waterway and the area.
  • Digital bords where visitors of the Spiegelwaal get updated about the waterquality.
  • A Recurring user meeting where good shared use of the Spiegelwaal is discussed.
  • Creating a safe jumping place in the swimming area

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