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Sydhavnen and Masnedø Island


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    The city of Vordingborg faces challenges in the planning and development of the two pilot areas, Sydhavnen and Masnedø Island. The aim for Vordingborg Municipality as host partner is to obtain attractiveness and new interest in the pilot areas which hopefully will result in new development, more activity and new recreational use of the southern waterfronts of the city. By creating “A reason to go” for the citizens and for new inhabitants, we also hope to attract more tourists and new companies to the areas and the whole city of Vordingborg.

    Key Challenge

    How can we achieve attractiveness and new interest in the two pilot areas. Sydhavnen and Masnedø Island?

    The recreational harbour, Sydhavnen lacks city life and activities by the waterways and waterfronts. There are no investments in new housing and recreational activities in the area, despite the fact that the area has great advantages, such as a beautiful sea view, waterways and waterfront for recreational use only, nearness to daily needs etc.

    Masnedø Island, situated opposite Sydhavnen, has great potentials in becoming an interesting recreational area for both the citizens and tourists. The area can be transformed into a new and attractive residential and recreational district in Vordingborg, which includes a new marina, new housing and water sport activities and nice beaches. But the area is not well connected to the city, neither physically, mentally nor consciousness-wise.

    Possible Solutions

    • New options for pedestrians/bicycles to cross the waterway – design of a new spectacular and multifunctional bridge to ​connect the pilot areas ​
    • Use ART to create awareness and provide ​real time information about water current, ​depht and water quality​ – such as kinetic sculpture placed in the water
    • New spectacular planning for Masnedø Island including ​new use of the old railway track and a revival ​for the little marina
    • Involvement of potential users and a wide range of stakeholders to create ownership now and further on

    Project Partner