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Many people standing in a lobby with posters along the walls.

Interreg North Sea

We are EU funders creating positive change in the North Sea Region, one project at a time.  

Many people standing in a lobby with posters along the walls.
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The future is in our hands

We bring people together across borders to make the North Sea Region a better place for its sixty million citizens. We are part of Interreg, driving a more sustainable and inclusive Europe through targeted use of EU funds.

Group photo of the Joint Secretariat

Who we are

We are the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg North Sea Programme. Our team is dedicated to supporting our stakeholders, ensuring good project performance, and providing visibility for our projects.

Our work is guided by our Monitoring Committee. Our National Contact Points provide invaluable support in servicing our project community.

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Meet the team
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What we do

We fund game-changing ideas that make the North Sea Region a better place. For example, we support just transitions putting an end to fossil fuels as well as energy poverty. From thriving communities to energy efficiency, biodiversity and green and inclusive mobility, our projects are building a sustainable society for all. 


Where we work

Our programme covers the North Sea and adjacent territories. It is a joint effort by seven countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Organisations based in the North Sea Region may apply for funding.

The Joint Secretariat takes care of the programme’s daily management and is located in Viborg, Denmark.

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Promoting cooperation since 1997

We have supported project partnerships to work together across borders for 25 years. Since 1997, we have supported over 260 projects to make a difference in the North Sea Region.

The North Sea Commission played a key role in shaping our programme and remains an important partner.  

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Boat sailing in a city carrying a large EU flag.

Photo: Shane Woodford

We are part of Interreg

Interreg North Sea is part of the European Union's drive towards a greener and smarter Europe where no one is left behind. We are one of 79 Interreg programmes putting the EU Cohesion Policy into practice.

To make this happen, we enable people to connect across borders and work together to solve the most pressing issues in our region.

The total EU budget for all Interreg programmes is €8 billion in the period 2021-2027 - or less than €2.5 per citizen a year.

The ABC of Interreg

Interreg is divided into three strands:



Supports cooperation in the border zone between two or more countries. There are 60 cross-border programmes.



Supports cooperation across several countries with a shared geography and culture. Interreg North Sea is one of 15 strand B programmes.



Supports Europe-wide cooperation, for example on policymaking. This strand includes 4 programmes. 

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Photos on this page by Shane Woodford (top and bottom), Albin Hunia (group photo), and the Interreg North Sea project Lean Landing (photo from a matchmaking event).