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Better governance

We bring stakeholders together to build cooperation frameworks and create the future for the North Sea basin.

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All hands on deck to navigate the future

Priority 4 allows for a birds-eye perspective on entire sectors. We support multi-level governance enabling joint strategising and planning, with a special view to marine governance and land-sea interactions.

This priority also invites new ideas for participatory processes and the involvement of civil society in governance frameworks. While pilots are not foreseen as outputs in this priority, initiatives to move from joint strategy to joint action are very welcome. 

Specific objectives

Please note: The examples of themes and actions listed below are only indicative. If in doubt, please get in touch with us to clarify the best match for your project idea.

Need advice?

Feel free to consult one of our project advisors dedicated to this priority. They will gladly assist you with any question you might have.