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Climate resilience, pollution and biodiversity

We work to bolster the region against climate impacts and to safeguard nature and the environment in the North Sea Region.

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The North Sea at sunset in calm weather, with a flock of birds flying across the sky and a ship on the horizon.

Nature knows best

Extreme weather, pollution, and degrading ecosystems. These are signs that humanity is overstepping the Earth's boundaries.

We support actions that soften and reverse these trends. For example, by tackling climate impacts through nature-based solutions and integrated water management. We also welcome innovative ideas to clean up air and water, restore ecosystem services, and help boost biodiversity.

Long-term positive impact is more likely to happen when local people are involved and buy into the solutions. This is why we support activities such as citizen science, volunteering, and social innovation.


Specific objectives

Please note: The examples of themes and actions listed below are only indicative. If in doubt, please get in touch with us to clarify the best match for your project idea.

Need advice?

Feel free to consult one of our project advisors dedicated to this priority. They will gladly help you with any question you might have.