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Graphic illustration the Regiostars Awards 2024.

Apply for the Regiostars Awards

Graphic illustration the Regiostars Awards 2024.
2 minutes

Was your project successful? Completed North Sea projects can now apply for the top prize in European regional development, the Regiostars Awards. 

Has your Interreg North Sea project made a real difference in the North Sea Region? Can your work be transferred and scaled up? And did your project engage with citizens?

If your project was funded in the VB (2014-2020) period and has left a great legacy behind, then we strongly encourage you to apply for the Regiostars Awards, the top prize in European regional development. 

Who can apply?

Your project must be closed, meaning that you must have received your final financial contribution and your project must have been declared completed by us.  


You can apply in one of the following categories: 

  1.  A competitive and smart Europe
  2. A green Europe
  3. A connected Europe
  4. A social and inclusive Europe
  5. A Europe closer to the citizens

The award criteria are: Cohesion, impact, innovation, sustainability, citizen engagement, and transferability. 

Learn more about the categories and the award criteria in the applicant guide

How to apply

You must submit your draft application to the Joint Secretariat by Wednesday 1 May at 11.59 pm. Please send the filled-in application form to 

To apply, you will need an endorsement letter from the Joint Secretariat. And since a maximum of five projects may apply per programme, we may have to select among the entries. Once we endorse your project, we will support you to fine-tune your entry. 

You must submit your final application via the European Commission's online system by 31 May. The winners will be announced at a ceremony on 9 october as part of the European Week of Regions and Cities.

Learn more at the Regiostars Awards website

Who dares wins

We are very proud of our projects that have left behind an impressive legacy of proven solutions and new cooperation networks.

We urge all impactful North Sea projects to try their luck and apply for this top label of recognition. If you get into the finals, you are already guaranteed added visibility on the European scene. Projects reap great publicity benefits from being nominated or even winning this highly sought-after prize. Competition is stiff, so please put in your best efforts to shine a light on your work and the difference it has made.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.