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Call 3: The dates are set

Person holding a tablet with a calendar
3 minutes

It's time to bring on your game-changing idea for boosting green or digital transitions in the North Sea Region. Join our next call opening on 17 April! 

We are once again opening the doors for project developers to apply for North Sea funding. Do not miss this unique opportunity to realise your game-changing ideas, with the added bonus of working together with professionals in other North Sea countries!

Call 3 will be open between Monday17 April and 30 June. This is a slight adjustment from the original Call 3 dates. The programme welcomes applications for regular and small-scale projects in Call 3. For regular projects, you may submit an expression of interest (step 1 in our two-step application approach) or a full application (step 2 – please see note below)

Please note

In contrast to the first two calls, full applications in Call 3 must be based on an approved expression of interest or a previously rejected full application. 

Big interest in Priority 2

In the first two calls, interest for funding in Priority 2 (Green Transitions) has been especially intense. At present, it is unclear how much funding will be available in Priority 2 for Call 3 applications. More will be known following the decisions to be made on Call 2 applications (12-13 April).

If you are contemplating applying in Priority 2, it might be worth considering how your project idea might fit under another priority. The secretariat will be happy to discuss this during ourGet Ready event, described below.

Learn more about our priorities

Next steps

The Monitoring Committee will take decisions on Call 3applications on 25-26 October. The Joint Secretariat will inform all applicants about the outcome. 

Join our Get Ready event

On 8 February, we are hosting the next Get Ready event for applicants to network, find partners, and learn about the options for Interreg North Sea funding. This one-day event takes place in the charming German town of Husum, right on the North Sea coast. If you would like to apply in Call 3 or later calls, this event is for you. More than 130 people have signed up, so book soon to make sure you get a seat. 

Learn more and sign up for Get Ready

Get started

We encourage you to start preparing your application already now. Use the links below to learn more and get started!

Types of project: The difference between small-scale and regular projects.

Steps to apply: An easy step by step guide on the application process.

Guidance by stage: Tailored guidance for each type of application.  

Partner search: Our platform dedicated to posting project ideas and finding partners.

Reach out

Have you got a project idea in mind? Want to talk through your idea to see how viable it is? Don't hesitate to reach out to our National Contact Points who will be happy to help. You can find their contact details here.