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Funding opportunity at Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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The Interreg Baltic Sea Region is opening a 'project platform' call in June 2024.

The call aims to bring together projects from its own programme and other funding programmes. This call might be interesting for current and previous Interreg North Sea programme projects.

What are project platforms

Project platforms is a way to maximise the impact of projects. A project platform will consolidate solutions and results from various projects working in the same field so that the target group has several tools and consolidated knowledge to handle a challenge. Besides the transfer of results to the target groups, the platform also aims to shape policies for sustainable change by using the collective knowledge of projects.

Who can apply?

Partners in such platform can be from former or current Interreg BSR projects, partners form projects of other funding programmes, policy area coordinators or Pan-Baltic organisations.

If projects from current or former Interreg North Sea projects are interested, it would mean one or a couple of partners would join to bring the results of the project into the project platform. The partners are recommended to come from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme area. The Baltic Sea Region programme area overlaps with the Interreg North Sea programme area in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and part of Germany. You can find more information about the programme area of Interreg Baltic Sea Region here.

The topic for the platform has to fit within priority 1,2 or 3 of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme.


The call is scheduled to open in June. Ahead of the opening of the call, Interreg Baltic Sea Region hosts thematic webinars where future project platform partners can meet and receive answers to questions about project platforms.

The thematic webinars are approaching soon:

  • May 16: Project platforms for innovation and resilience

    • With the following topics: well-being and mental health, social innovations, culture sector resilience, sustainable tourism and cultural heritage, smart and sustainable cities.
  • May 23: Project platforms for climate neutrality
    • With the following topics: circular bio-economy, circular food systems, alternative fuels, renewable energy sources and sustainable urban transportation.
  • May 24: Project platforms for smart water and coastal management
    • With the following topics: hazardous substances, resilient coastal management, closing water and nutrient loop and safe navigation on sea.

The project platforms will be set up as projects and expected to run in the following timeframe: July 2025-June 2028.


Interreg Baltic Sea Region has earmarked EUR 12.6 million for project platforms and its funding rate stands at 80%.

Where can I find more information?

An introduction to the project platforms call can be found here. You can register for the thematic webinars hereHere you find examples of project platforms.

If you have further questions please reach out to Interreg Baltic Sea Region at

Are you from a current or former Interreg North Sea project and decide to apply? Then we would appreciate a message to to keep us in the loop.



Top image: Canva, y gremlin from Getty Images