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Aerial view of Hannover and the Masch Lake surrounded by green trees.

Germany's green future: Projects in the spotlight

Aerial view of Hannover and the Masch Lake surrounded by green trees.
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Three new videos showcase our work and impacts in Germany.

Many projects funded by the Interreg North Sea Programme are creating positive change in the German federal states of Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. But how many Germans living and working in these areas are aware of this?

With three excellent videos, the German Advisory Network of the North Sea Programme is creating visibility for our projects' impact in Germany.  

Interreg North Sea in Germany

In the first video, our Monitoring Committee member from Lower Saxony Carsten Westerholt and National Contact Point Annika Rix provide an excellent introduction to the Interreg North Sea Programme. 

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Connected River

Connected River addresses innovative management of waterways and waterfronts to prevent conflicts and manage these shared multi-purpose spaces for the benefit of all users.  

Learn more about why this project is needed from two Hamburg-based partners, Marius Eschen from Hamburg Port Authority and Thomas Brauner from Logistics Initiative. 

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SHARE-North and SHARE-North Squared

In the video below, project manager Rebecca Karbaumer explains what the Interreg support means for the City of Bremen and its role in leading shared mobility across the North Sea Region. 

The relevance of Interreg for the City of Bremen is enormous.  

Rebecca Karbaumer, shared mobility and mobility management specialist at the City of Bremen

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Top image: Aerial view of Hannover © #227814/Colourbox