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Infographic stating the date of the EURegionsWeek

Join the #EURegionsWeek

Infographic stating the date of the EURegionsWeek
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You can now apply to become a partner at the European Week of Regions and Cities. 

The European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek) takes place 9-12 October in Brussels.  

This is the top annual event for European regional and urban development. This year's theme is Thriving Regions, Stronger Europe.  


The categories for events and sessions at the 2023 edition are: 

  1. Regions in post-industrial transition
  2. Retaining talent for regional growth 
  3. Small and mid-size urban centres driving growth
  4. Breaking barriers to cross-border cooperation
  5. Local energy shift for security and sustainability
  6. Promoting social innovation.

Any partner session or side event that you apply for needs to fit into one of these categories.

Options to participate

There are two main options for joining the EURegionsWeek.

Become a partner

When applying to become a partner, you will be visible at the Brussels event during 9-12 October. You can choose to host a participatory lab, a workshop, an EURegions Talk, an exhibition, a even a Regional Tasting event. You need to apply by 11 April. 

Learn more in the partners' guide

Host a side event

Another option is to host a side event in the period 9 September - 9 November. You can host side events anywhere in the European Union, in physical, virtual, or hybrid format. By registering your side event, you will get visibility on the official EURegionsWeek website and will be able to use the EURegionsWeek brand kit to promote it. You can apply from 18 April to 23 June. 

Learn more about side events