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The North Sea with unruly water and clouds

Let's North Sea: The North Wind

The North Sea with unruly water and clouds
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Watch the second in our seven-part video series putting the spotlight on our unique and impactful projects. 

The seven ‘Let’s North Sea’ videos, produced by Canadian journalist Shane Woodford, highlight our innovative projects and the change they are driving across the North Sea Region. Each video tells a different and powerful story highlighting one individual project and the impacts it has created.

We are thrilled to present the second video in this series. 

Chapter two: The North Wind

The second video in our series takes us to Oostende, Belgium, in the aftermath of the European Union announcement of the Esbjerg Declaration, a significant increase in offshore energy production in the North Sea.

The Inn2POWER project has been working for years to create offshore energy collaborations to spur innovation. Watch as the project and its partners lay out the challenges that lie ahead as Europe seeks to turn the North Sea into a green power plant. 

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