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panel of woman at conference

North Sea Conference highlights

panel of woman at conference
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On 29 and 30 November we gathered on the SS Rotterdam to navigate towards the future of European cohesion. A joint effort by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, City of Rotterdam, The Province of Zuid-Holland, the Straits Committee, the North Sea Commission and the North Sea Programme delivered an inspiring and hopeful glimpse into Cohesion Policy post-2027.

Study visits showcase EU funds at work

Participants could choose from an impressive 7 study visits in and around Rotterdam showcasing EU work in action. The cold and foggy weather did not temper the enthusiasm to learn how the region manages water, brings people together, and innovates to improve the environment. The gallery below provides an insight into the study visits.

Insights from grass-root level to the top

In the afternoon, we returned to the ship where our hosts of the day Christian Byrith and Sarah Holsen guided us through an afternoon full of insights on the future of the EU at different levels; From a bird's eye view from journalist Caroline de Gruyter to work on the ground represented by the projects WaterWarmth and Sustain-3D. An impression of the plenary:

Solidify cooperation by meeting in person

The North Sea Conference proved again to be a great meeting place to share ideas, inspire, and make new plans to address challenges in the region.  We would like to thank all speakers, our co-organisers, and enthusiastic and patient study visit participants. Your participation and the interesting questions asked made the day sparkle!

Find more photos of the welcome reception at the City Hall, the study visits and the conference here.

Presentation material of the conference can be found here.