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Snap to success: Tell your story in pictures

3 minutes

One surefire way to build success for your project is securing great images and videos that illustrate your work. We are under way with new PR materials and invite you to share your best photos and videos with us before end of August.

As your project matures, there is a growing need to tell your story and reach a wider audience. Capturing your project in photos and videos is one of the best actions you can take to promote your work. 

High-quality images are powerful assets because they evoke instant interest and make your work more memorable and easier to grasp. Because they appeal to our senses and emotions, images make a deeper impression than text alone.  

Three reasons why your project needs great visuals

  1. Eye-catching photos and videos are great assets for your project. Nothing beats an excellent image or video for telling an impactful story. A collection of really good photos can spice up your message and add zest to publications, rollup banners, and presentations.
  2. Visuals are key to pitching your project at European level and being showcased in contests, publications, exhibitions, and media projects. With great photos and videos at hand, you can meet even short deadlines and up your chances of being selected. 
  3. Imagery helps you discover powerful new ways to tell your project story. And by sharing your best images and videos with the Joint Secretariat, you are empowering us to do the same. 

Share your imagery with us

At the Joint Secretariat, we are often invited to feature our projects at high-visibility events and digital portals or in publications. In such cases, availability of excellent imagery is a key factor when it comes to choosing good project examples. 

Do not allow your project to go under the radar! We strongly encourage you to make sure that we have your best imagery on file for the next opportunity. 

For example, we recently had the chance to showcase North Sea projects at the European Sustainable Energy Week 2024, based on available visuals.  

How to share your images

To share your images with us, please fill in the image submission form and send it to us at along with your photos. We recommend using an online platform allowing transfer of heavy files, such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Photos or similar. 

To share your videos, please add the links to YouTube in your message. 

Please share your visuals with us before the end of August. We are currently working on some core programme PR materials. Also, our National Contact Points are looking to feature North Sea projects at national portals. For these purposes, we depend on good visuals from ongoing projects. 

Even after this date, we encourage you to keep sharing new high-quality images and videos with us on a regular basis. 

Top image by marco-xu-ToUPBCO62Lw/Unsplash