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Text saying Interreg Slam on a graphic background using the EU colours blue and yellow.

The Interreg Slam is open: check it out!

Text saying Interreg Slam on a graphic background using the EU colours blue and yellow.
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The Interreg Slam is back. All Interreg projects are invited to join this creative European contest.

Once again, Interact is inviting contenders to join the Interreg Project Slam. Check out this year's themes and criteria below. This is a great opportunity to raise both the visibility and impacts of your project.

European values in focus

This year's overall theme is Stories of inclusion and empowerment.This is connnected to the European values: Human dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of law and Human rights. 

In particular, Interact is searching for stories of projects:

  • Providing equal access to education, health and work.
  • Fostering diversity through partnerships.
  • Building inclusive community relationships. 

Which projects can apply?

Your project should be aligned with the European values and focus on one of the topics listed above.  

In addition, you must be able to showcase proof of concept as well as impacts. 

The contest is open to both closed and ongoing Interreg projects from any funding period.  

Why you should apply

By submitting an application, project applicants are guaranteed to improve their skills in storytelling with inputs from Interact experts. This means that you are sure to benefit, whether you are selected or not!

If your project is selected you have a chance to:

  • Win the production of a professional promotional video;
  • Receive coaching by a top level expert in storytelling and videomaking, and get certificates for both;
  • Win a trip to Nova Gorica / Gorizia (Slovenia / Italy) taking place in March 2025 and take part in the Interreg GO! event;
  • Make a live performance on a key European stage and meet the best experts from the European Commission and the programme bodies of Interreg;
  • Boost your publicity and reach millions of people.

Last but not least, you get to showcase the European values put into practise, and shine a light on how cooperation can foster cohesion at a time of growing division. There is a great need for good storytelling right now, and you can contribute with yours. 

Deadlines and how to apply

You apply by creating a story.  For this purpose, you must use Interact's storytelling template:

Storytelling template

Instructions for applying

Rules for the Interreg Slam competition

Important dates and deadlines!

Applications for the Slam must be submitted to Interact via the Joint Secretariat by end of day 1 July 2024, so it is important that we receive applications by latest 1 July 2024 at 12 noon via, using the tittle: "Application Interreg Slam".

If you would like support with your application for the Slam, please inform us by latest 19 June via, using the tittle "Interreg Slam". Preferably with a draft of your story so that we can provide you with feedback.


What support is available?

Once you have decided to apply, do not miss these two training events designed for applicants from Interact experts:

3 June: How to write your story. Sign up for this training session

10 June: How to refine your story. Sign up for this training session

These events will equip you to tell a convincing - and maybe winning - story about your project. 

In addition, we will also be available to support you during each step of the journey. We will happily review your draft application and join you at the two above mentioned events. For any contact or advice please reach out to us at:, using "Interreg Slam" in the subject line. 

Learn more

Find all information at Interact's website:

Be inspired - Project Slam winner from 2023

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