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Monitoring Committee

Welcome to 8 new projects

Monitoring Committee
2 minutes

Today, the North Sea Programme welcomes 8 new projects.

During the Monitoring Committee meeting no 5 in Copenhagen, 8 projects were approved.

Due to limited remaining funds, only full applications in Priority 1 were eligible this time. Even though this call was limited to a single priority, the approved projects address a wide variety of topics, from hydrogen to digital health. 

Approved applications in Call 4

Prioritet 1
  • BRAVE: Business Readiness Acceleration for innoVative regional Energy ecosystems 
  • CircleBIM: Public Sector Innovation with BIM for a more circular construction sector 
  • DigiH4A: Digital Health for All 
  • Digital Kiosks: Innovative public-private-people partnerships to implement new infrastructure (digital kiosks) for the Sharing Economy of Goods
  • DISCO: Digital solutions for climate adaptation 
  • H2ignite: Igniting H2 Transport Innovation Ecosystems in the North Sea Region
  • OASIS: Offshore Accelerator for System Integration and Storage 
  • SSCH Super Smart Charging Hubs 

Congratulations to the new projects

A warm welcome to all 8 projects that were approved in Call 4. 

We are thrilled to watch them evolve and contribute to positive development in the North Sea Region.

Good luck to all the new projects!

Monitoring Committee

Overview of funding allocated

At today's meeting, €18.881.500 ERDF and €553.482 in Norwegian funds were allocated in total for the 8 projects.

Below is an overview of allocations to all projects approved in calls 1, 2, 3 and 4.


What comes next?

As the available funding is now fully allocated, it is unclear if or when the programme may launch another call. 

Please keep an eye on our website or sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.