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Bee-Monitoring for Ground Water Quality

Project description

The importance of natural groundwater quality and its contamination by many current farming practices are constantly growing in importance. In recent decades, a higher proportion of water pollution has come from agricultural sources. Excessive use of fertilizers (nitrates) and pesticides pose a serious threat to groundwater quality.
The "Bee-Monitoring for groundwater quality" project aims to develop new approaches to improve groundwater quality through bee-monitoring.The pollen will be monitored during the project and the ambition is to reduce nitrates and pesticides in the pollen and these will result in fewer losses into water.
The ambition of Bee-Monitoring for groundwater quality is to bring different partner regions together and to show-case best practice models of 10 demo-areas in North Sea Region where we want to show how appropriate management options can improve quality of the water with up to 30 % (= reduction of 30 % of nutrients/crop protections products.

Confirmed partners

Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (VLM) , Belgium,
BeeOdiversity, Belgium
De Watergroep, Belgium

Partners we are looking for

- Leadpartner
- Partners with a similar challenge from the Netherlands, Germany and France
- Knowledge institutions
- Water management organisations
- Proces managers
- ...