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GreenPorts – consolidation centres by co-creation for sustainable, innovative heavy duty transport

Project description

The Middelfart Municipality (lead) in the South Denmark aims to develop and pilot a concept for a consolidation centre where co-creation drives sustainable, innovative heavy duty transport solutions. The municipality are experienced with Interreg-projects and interested either in North Sea or Baltic Sea program. Approach: Explore synergies between (preliminary) 1) Entrepreneurship (hardware, software and softtech) incl. development of test areas and use of co-creation methods: The possibility of establishing entrepreneurial environments within transport and logistics/hardware/software start-ups must be investigated. The requirement for participation is that the entrepreneurs work with innovative solutions to make urban logistics and cross-country transport more sustainable. 2) Co-creation with education and businesses: Collaboration with educational insitutions to develop courses and concepts around the workforce of the future. 3) Outreach and access for the wider public

What partners we are looking for

Municipalities and business associations