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Spatial recomposition and coastal risks

Project description

While the exceptional coastline of the Manche department is one of the pillars of the territory's dynamism and attractiveness, the intensification of risks affecting the coastline represents a major challenge.

The spatial recomposition of coastal territories, i.e. the transformation of the coastal planning model, in all its components - habitat, activities, public infrastructure, public spaces, environment and ecosystems - and at several scales, best responds to the need to adapt these territories to coastal risks and to their increased occurrence in a situation of global climate change.

In this context, the project explores the modalities of implementation and acceptability of such projects, in particular by facilitating the emergence of a territorial narrative of coastal recomposition. This is a multidisciplinary research project conducted according to a research-action logic with several levels of interactions and partnerships.

Several aspects could be studied: the strategies of integrated management of the coastline, adapted and evolving, the scales of territorial solidarity, the perceptions and preferences of the inhabitants, particularly with regard to the implementation methods and the conditions of equity and justice. It is also a question of proposing innovative financial and/or regulatory tools and testing the tools and measures that can facilitate coastal reconstruction operations today.

Confirmed partners

Currently on the lookout for opportunities to join a partnership as project partner

What partners we are looking for

Local authorities, research institutions and associations already involved in the development of spatial recomposition strategies. Located in coastal regions.