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A badge saying Regiostars 2024, surrounded by stars

Meet the REGIOSTARS North Sea contenders

A badge saying Regiostars 2024, surrounded by stars
3 minutes

Five strong North Sea projects are competing for this year's REGIOSTARS Awards.

This REGIOSTAR Awards 2024 are restricted to completed projects, yet the secretariat received as many as nine excellent applications - a record number - from which five were selected based on the award criteria. Below, you can get a sneak peek at why these projects are strong candidates for this prestigious award. 

Visualisation of a smart factory blending into a green lanscape.

Visualisation of a smart INDU-ZERO factory blending in with the landscape. Image: INDU-ZERO /Buro de HAAN. 


INDU-ZERO tackled a huge problem: Energy renovation of older buildings is too costly and hence too slow.  The project developed a factory blueprint for energy renovation at half the current cost. 

Several initiatives have been inspired by INDU-ZERO, including the groundwork for a potential gigafactory in Germany, the development and realisation of a large building complex in the Netherlands and a new company selling super durable vacuum windows.

INDU-ZERO applies in Category 2 - a green Europe. 

Visit the INDU-ZERO website
Two young people on a garden path, holding their bikes and looking at a mobile phone.

Image ©Deelfiets Nederland. 


BITS was a first mover in promoting the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to make cycling a better and safer experience. In 33 innovative pilots, the project showcased a range of smart cycling solutions. One pilot in Flanders, using 3D cameras to identify traffic risk, won a National Road Safety Award. Using a ‘cycling to work’ app, commuters in Germany and the Netherlands replaced 25-50% of their car trips by bike trips.

BITS is applying in Category 3 - A Connected Europe.

Visit the BITS website
A group of school boys discussing around a table.

Image by 2IMPREZS.


In the project 2IMPREZS, school students aged 6-16 led the way to reducing the CO2 footprint of 196 schools across the North Sea Region. Participating schools reached up to 35% energy savings, together reducing over 12,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. One of the project's core activities was the transnational Energy Challenges that engaged 80,000 students during the project lifetime. 

2IMPREZS is applying in Category 2 - A Green Europe. 

Visit the 2IMPREZS website
lady standing at the sea with measuring divice.



This project put the spotlight on the impact of noise from human activity at sea on marine life. By measuring noise in the North Sea it influenced EU-wide regulation and regional policies. JOMOPANS work continues to encourage industries to reduce noise pollution from shipping and offshore windfarms.

JOMOPANS is applying in Category 2 - A Greener Europe.

Visit the JOMOPANS website
people in a boat with measuring material behind the boat on a lake.

Image by TOPSOIL


Climate change causes visible damage, such as storms and floods. However, it also affects the underground, impacting our drinking water and agricultural land. TOPSOIL studied the impact underground and found solutions for soil and groundwater management. Governments, farmers, and water managers have adapted TOPSOIL's measures, improving water management across the North Sea region.

TOPSOIL is applying in Category 2 - A Green Europe. 

Visit the TOPSOIL website

Impressive results, strong commitment

Applying is no small task and a big ask for projects that have already closed, so the big interest in joining the contest is really impressive. We warmly recommend all North Sea projects  - completed as well as ongoing - to keep an eye on future REGIOSTARS contests. 

A big thank you to all applicants for their commitment. And all the best of luck to our five candidates!