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Expression of interest

Find everything you need to know to submit an expression of interest.

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Submitting an expression of interest (EoI)  is the first step in our two-step application procedure for regular projects. The EoI allows you to present your idea to our Monitoring Committee with limited effort. If your EoI is approved, you can move on to the second stage and prepare a more comprehensive, full application in confidence that it stands a fair chance of approval. 

On this page, you will find guidance designed to help you develop and submit an expression of interest. 

Apply online

To apply, you need to create an account in our online monitoring system and fill in one of our online application forms.

Set up an account

To get started, set up an account in two simple steps: 

  1. Please visit
  2. Choose 'register' in the left-hand side and fill in your profile. 

Now you are all set!

During open calls, you can log in, choose the relevant application form and start filling it in. You can stop and save your draft as you go along. You can also share the online form to work simultaneously with other editors.  

Fill in the application form

The expression of interest form is relatively simple and straightforward, however you may find these short guides handy as you go along: 

Allow multiple editors to work together

Move a non-submitted application from one call to another

Submit an expression of interest

Transfer the ownership of an application


This video tutorial also helps you to navigate the application form: 

Download application form

Use the sample form to gain an overview of the information you need to provide in the online system.

Please note: The sample form may deviate slightly from the online application form. However, the character limits are accurate. 

Expression of interest - sample form

Expression of interest - character limits

Key documents and fact sheets

For starters, we recommend you to get familiar with our main publications describing our funding framework.

See main programme publications

Our fact sheets lay down the ground rules for our programme and projects. Please make sure to check out the following fact sheets before submitting an expression of interest.  

Eligibility and assessment

The following fact sheets help you to make sure you are eligible for funding and guide you to write a cohesive application. 

Fact Sheet 1: General rules on eligibility

Fact Sheet 18: Application assessment

Fact Sheet 22: Intervention logic and indicators

Fact Sheet 14: Roles and responsibilities


The following fact sheets help you get the budget right. 

Fact Sheet 2: Staff costs (not valid for Flemish partners)

Fact Sheet 2a: Staff costs for Flemish partners

Fact Sheet 3: Office and administration

Fact Sheet 4: Travel and accommodation

Fact Sheet 5: External experts and services

Fact Sheet 6: Equipment

Fact Sheet 7: Infrastructure and works

Other rules to be aware of

Fact Sheet 26: Intellectual property rights

Fact Sheet 17: Partners and activities outside the programme area

In addition, we recommend the lead partner to get an overview of all fact sheets already at this stage.

Need help?

Please feel free to get in touch with us for advice and feedback on your application.

Please note: The Joint Secretariat staff can only provide feedback on content up until two weeks prior to a deadline for submission. However, you may still contact the project advisors for technical support and you can reach out to the National Contact Points for advice on content right until the deadline. 

Joint Secretariat project advisors

National Contact Points