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Guidance and tips on how to implement a North Sea project.

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Once your project is approved you will need to get on top of all the rules and requirements. On this page, you will find guides and tips to help you get on board and execute your project with success. 

Please note: This page is under development. Please make sure to check back for more help!


Key documents and fact sheets

If you have not already done so, we strongly recommend you to get familiar with our main publications presenting our thematic framework and its context.

See main programme publications

The following fact sheets present the key rules and requirements that you need to be aware of to execute a North Sea project. We strongly recommend you read them to  steer clear of any pitfalls and manage your project with confidence. In addition, you will find guidance below helping you to navigate our systems. 


One of the first things you need to put in place after project approval is your partnership agreement. 

Fact Sheet 14: Roles and responsibilities

Fact Sheet 15: Partnership agreement

Fact Sheet 15 Annex: Partnership agreement template

Fact Sheet 17: Partners and activities outside the programme area



The following fact sheets help you stay on top of your budget and make claims according to the rules. 

Fact Sheet 2: Staff costs (not valid for Flemish partners)

Fact Sheet 2a: Staff costs for Flemish partners

Fact Sheet 3: Office and administration

Fact Sheet 4: Travel and accommodation

Fact Sheet 5: External experts and services

Fact Sheet 6: Equipment

Fact Sheet 7: Infrastructure and works

Fact Sheet 9: Investments

Fact Sheet 10: Deducting revenue from payment claims

Fact Sheet 11: Exchange rates

Fact Sheet 12: Tender procedures 

Fact Sheet 13: Documentation and the audit trail

Fact Sheet 16: State aid (Version 1 - Calls 1 and 2 projects)

Fact Sheet 16: State aid (Version 2 - Call 3 projects onwards)

Fact Sheet 23: Control of partner expenditure

Guidance on voucher schemes


Other aspects of project execution

Fact Sheet 20: Progress reporting

Fact Sheet 24: Communication

Fact Sheet 25: Changes (pending)

Fact Sheet 26: Intellectual property rights


Guidance on using the Online Monitoring System

Add another partner manager (guidance for partners)

Appoint an Authorised Signatory at partner level

Transfer the ownership of an application

Sign the project contract


Need help?

Do you have questions related to your project's implementation that are not answered on this page? Feel free to contact us:

Joint Secretariat project advisors

National Contact Points