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Small-scale project application

Learn about the simplified procedures applying to small-scale projects.

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Compared to regular projects, small-scale projects are considerably smaller in scope - partnership size, duration, and budget. Applying for a small-scale project is also simpler. For example, you apply in a single step instead of using the two-step procedure set up for regular projects. Also, small-scale projects use simplified cost options which eases the financial management. 

Learn about small-scale versus regular projects

On this page, you will find guidance designed to help you develop and submit an application for a small-scale project.

Apply online

To apply, you need to create an account in our online monitoring system and fill in one of our online application forms.

Download application form

Use the sample form to gain an overview of the information you need to provide in the online system.

Please note: The sample form may deviate slightly from the online application form. However, the character limits are accurate. 

Small-scale application - sample form

Small-scale application - character limits

Key documents and fact sheets

For starters, we recommend you to get familiar with our main publications describing our funding framework.

See main programme publications

Our fact sheets lay down the ground rules for our programme and projects. Please make sure to check out the following fact sheets before submitting a small-scale application.  

National Contact Point Guidance

Read the National Contact Points Partnership Building Checklist hereThe checklist is based upon their experiences in the field of project development and delivery.

Need help?

Please feel free to get in touch with us for advice and feedback on your small-scale application.

Please note: The Joint Secretariat staff can only provide feedback on content up until three weeks prior to a deadline for submission. However, you may still contact the project advisors for technical support and you can reach out to the National Contact Points for advice on content right until the deadline. 

Joint Secretariat project advisors

National Contact Points